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Etabs 2015 Tutorial 1 - Modelling of a commercial building

Step by step illustration on how to model a commercial building in Etabs 2015 building software.The tutorial is divided into seven different steps that starts from assigning grid data to model rendering.

The contents of the tutorial are listed below:
  1.  Grid and story data 1:02
  2. Defining and assigning beams 7:56
  3. Defining and assigning columns 13:56
    • Orientation change of columns(local axis)
    • Merging and dividing the frame line
  4. Defining and assigning slabs 22:28
    • Dividing the selected shells
    • Defining slabs between irregular frames
    • Assigning staircase  27:42
    • Offset option for line elements  29:40
    • Assigning cantilever slab
    • Mirror option for elements 33:05
    • Chamfer slab corners 34:30
  5. Adding and replicating a new story 35:19
    • Selecting the single story elements
    • Visibility options for story elements
    • Reassigning the section property
  6. Defining and assigning retaining wall  39:22
    • Assigning opening between frames
  7. Model view options 42:25
    • Extrude option for frames and shells
    • 3-D model rendering
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