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Etabs 2015 Tutorial 4 - Analysis and Design

Etabs 2015 tutorial 4 deals with the analysis and design of the commercial building model.

The topics disscussed are listed below:

  1. Analysis 0:30
  2. Time period 1:50
  3. Support reactions 3:14
  4. Frame reactions 4:34
  5. Design 6:25

In analysis, tutorial explains about the model check that the model has to undergo before the analysis to make sure that the model is free from errors.

In time period,steps to find the find the time period of the model for each mode cases are explained.

In support reactions,tutorial explains how to find the support reaction values under the points where the support are assigned.The support reactions are used in design of foundation.

Under frame reactions ,the steps are discussed to display the shear force and bending moments of the beam elements of the model.This section also explains how to find axial forces for the columns.

In Design,the steps required to generate design reports are for each section elements in Etabs 2015 are explained.

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